Access News - April 4th, 2007

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Access News - April 4th, 2007

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ACCESS NEWS - April 4th, 2007


The Land Conservancy of B.C. (TLC) and Skaha rockclimbers have been working hard on this, with support from Mountain Equipment Co-op, the Access Society, and others. Access at Skaha is in place for 2007, and TLC has secured an option to purchase 300 hectares of nearby private land (sublot 18 - southeast of Braesyde). Once the land is purchased, and needed services built, it will provide permanent public access to Skaha, but not until 2008. Thanks to TLC’s partners, a generous donation by the current owner, and other donations, much of the needed money has been raised. We need to raise $1 million by the end of April, and the climbing community must do everything it can to help.

The Board of the Access Society has committed $10,000 toward the Skaha purchase. It is a major investment for the Access Society, our biggest ever. The Board believes it important that the Access Society show strong leadership on this issue, on behalf of all the climbers of B.C. We hope that all climbers, and other climbing-related organizations and businesses, will follow our lead. It's essential for the climbing community to show that it supports the purchase, in all ways possible.
Mountain Equipment Co-op announced today that it would match donations by its members to The Land Conservancy's Skaha fund, up to $100,000 total. To donate, go to
Many thanks to MEC for its generosity and its leadership on this important issue. MEC also provided substantial seed funding to TLC, simply to support development of a solution.
TLC, Skaha rockclimbers, and the Access Society will be at Braesyde during Easter weekend, with information about what's happening, and how climbers can help. Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings, and Saturday and Sunday afternoons. You can get information about TLC, the Skaha project, and the Access Society, meet representatives and talk about things, and make a donation or join on the spot. Sunday morning there may be refreshments.
Parking will continue at Braesyde through 2007. The arrangements are:
$10/passenger car/day, $20/day for vans (6 - 15 passengers), $30/day for buses, $75 for an annual pass.
Please use only Braesyde for parking and access. There is no legal parking along Valleyview Road, which leads to Braesyde, and all other accesses to Skaha require trespassing on private land. Carpooling is an economical alternative.
Valleyview is a narrow, winding road. Please drive carefully, and watch for children, animals, and other safety concerns.
The Dunlop family continues to own Braesyde. They have generously provided public parking at Braesyde, and access to Skaha, since 1992. Thanks to the Dunlops for their hospitality, and to the city of Penticton and the Agricultural Land Commission for permitting the parking.
Make a donation to TLC, soon, and encourage all your friends to also do so. If you're a member of MEC, make your donation at, and double your donation. Otherwise, see the links below.
Join the Access Society, renew your membership, and make a donation. Members + resources = more effective. Memberships, renewals, and donations are all helpful - $10,000 is a lot of money to us.
If you can help with fundraising, or have ideas or connections that may help, contact TLC or the Access Society.
Make sure all your friends know what's happening, and are helping. Spread the word!
Please send all donations to TLC. They encourage you to not only make a donation, but to also become a member.
Donations & Membership: To join TLC, see ... membership To make a Skaha-specific donation, see ... id=W-00013, or of course Or join and donate by mail.
Contact Information: TLC's head office is at #301 - 1195 Esquimalt Road, Victoria, B.C. V9A 3N6, phone (250) 479-8053.
Capital Campaign & Corporate Donors: If you can contribute a substantial amount, or know someone who might be able to, contact John Keller at TLC in Burnaby, at (604) 733-2313 or
U.S. Donors: TLC has made arrangements so that residents of the U.S. who donate can receive a U.S. tax receipt - please contact TLC about how to do this.
If for some reason the proposed Skaha purchase is unsuccessful, TLC will keep aside all money raised, and use it either for whatever other solution is arrived at for Skaha, or for another project of direct benefit to the climbing community of B.C.
TLC has been a faithful friend of B.C.'s climbing community. The Access Society helped lead the successful opposition to the proposed Stawamus Chief gondola in 2004. Since then, TLC (with help) bought the land that was to be the gondola base (the gravel pit), ensuring that inappropriate development didn't threaten the Park's values. The land is being leased to the Sea-to-Sky Highway project contractor, which helps pay for the purchase, and gives some time to consider what to do with it. TLC is also working on other Squamish-area projects.
Skaha Climbers:
Special thanks to TLC, Bill Turner, MEC, Hugh Dunlop, Howie Richardson, Hugh Lenney, Drew Fullerton, Russ Turner and Sean Dougherty for all their help with this.
Much of the upper Malamute at Squamish was logged during the last week of March 2007. The land, about 10 hectares, is owned by Malamute Holdings Ltd. About 500 trees were cut, and the logs remain where they fell. The District of Squamish issued a stop work order on March 30th, as soon as it heard what was happening. The logged area is quite visible, especially from above and to southbound traffic.
Anyone visiting the upper Malamute in the near future should be very aware of unstable and dangerous logging debris.
The logging occurred without notice, or a required municipal permit, and the resulting fine could be substantial. Neither the Ministry of Transportation & Highways nor Peter Kiewit Sons, the Sea-to-Sky Highway Improvement Project contractor, has any responsibility for what happened. The logging has aroused considerable concern in Squamish, the climbing community, and the news media. From a press release: "The District of Squamish has determined that the activity is an offence under the District's Site Alteration Bylaw 1886, and is in the process of determining the severity of the offence and the appropriate action to be taken".
The Access Society is gravely concerned by what happened. Our goal has long been that the upper Malamute, at the heart of Squamish, should be protected for public benefit and use, particularly for climbing, walking, nature viewing, and sightseeing. There has been a lot of work toward that goal over the last few years, and it remains the desired result. We'll continue working toward it.
See also the Vancouver Sun - ... c9&k=35300, and
1. 1% For the Planet & Mountain Equipment Co-op

MEC has joined 1% for the Planet, an alliance of businesses that believe in providing financial support to environmental initiatives. Since 1987, MEC has given in excess of $9 million to Canadian conservation and access projects through its grant programs. Now it has committed to donating a full 1% of annual gross sales to Canadian causes. This translates to an estimated $2 million in 2007 alone. See

2. Jason Kruk Show - Cliffhanger Coquitlam - March 23rd

This was a great success. Between 40 and 50 attended, and were entertained by Jason's stories and images. We raised several hundred dollars, and some new members. Thanks to Jason, his helpers, Cliffhanger Coquitlam, Daniel Poggi and Geoff Creighton!

3. Squamish Mountain Festival 2007

The 2007 Squamish Mountain Festival will be on July 13th - 22nd. The presenting sponsor is Arc'Teryx, with partners the Access Society and the Squamish Access Society ("SAS"). Proceeds will go to the Access Society and the SAS. SMF 2007 will involve clinics, speakers, films, yoga, pancake breakfasts, events for the general public, a dyno competition, fundraising, prizes, and lots of fun. And Adopt-a-Crag stewardship events both weekends. More information at We hope to see you there!

4. Adopt-a-Crags 2007

The usual range of volunteer crag stewardship events will be held this year, from spring through autumn. Eldred Valley (Powell River), Fleming Beach (Victoria), Squamish & Cheakamus Canyon, Skaha, Crest Crags (Campbell River), and other locations. More information in our next bulletin.

5. United States - Access Fund News

See the Access Fund website for what's happening in the United States - You can also subscribe to an e-newsletter.

6. On-Line Memberships, Renewals & Donations

You can now join the Access Society on-line, renew your membership, or make a donation. Go to, complete the form, and pay via PayPal. (Credit card needed, and donations also very welcome.)

The Access Society faces many challenges in our pursuit of public access to B.C.'s cliffs and mountains, and conservation of them. Please support the Access Society in any way you can - become a member, make a donation, or volunteer! We believe the Access Society is doing an important job. We represent the entire climbing community of B.C., and all those who cherish B.C.’s cliffs and mountains.

We hope this message is useful, and encourage you to share, post and forward it. Our apologies if it is unwanted! If so, please let us know and we'll remove you from our list. If your e-mail has changed, please let us know. (In a few cases this message is a duplicate, due to overlapping directories.) Also, we welcome information and contributions - please send to info(at)

Climbing and related activities are dangerous, and can injure or kill you. The Access Society tries to ensure that this information is accurate, but you rely on it at your own risk!

copyright (c) Climbers' Access Society of British Columbia, 2007.
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