Need a ride? Vancouver to Squamish to Chek. Post here if you have room to spare or don't have wheels. It's the greener/cleaner way to climb.
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Post by squamish climber » Mon Apr 05, 2010 4:59 pm

Hey Everyone,

A Ride Share board was suggested by several members and it seems like a great idea. Why put more GHG into the atmosphere when you don’t have to? If you’re driving up from Vancouver and have spare room in your car, consider posting here. And if you need a ride, hopefully you can find one here. There are several options for pick-ups. Here are some suggestions:
- You can leave one vehicle at Westcot Rd or Mathers Ave off the Taylor Way on-ramp on the Upper Levels.
- If you’re on transit, take the Horseshoe Bay Express 257 and get a pickup at the junction of the old Highway 99 and Horshoe Bay overpass Bridge. Much less traffic there now.

Two other quick and important notes for posting in here.

1) Do not post your phone number you never know who is reading through the site and it's safest to do these things by email or personal messaging to start.

2) If you are posting your email please do not post it like this if you do all the spammers will collect your email address and start sending you junk. Instead post it like this myname (at) This stops the spammers and allows anyone with more than a grade 2 education to figure out what your email is.

I have also enabled editing of your posts in this forum [/b]
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Post by sofilira » Mon Jul 02, 2012 9:03 pm

Looking for a ride to Squamish tomorrow Tuesday, preferably in the afternoon! we can split gas... Cant sing very well but a big smile will make your drive happier!

sofilira (at)

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