Truck and Gear stolen from Star Chek parking lot

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Truck and Gear stolen from Star Chek parking lot

Post by Lurch » Mon Aug 24, 2015 6:23 pm

My son Braden has been enjoying a great time at Squamish the
past three weeks, with his wife and one-year-old (my grandson Max!!!) but
this past Saturday, had a bad event. His truck was stolen from the Star
Chek parking area, lost a bunch of stuff, including passports etc. He just
got his truck back, and they are in Vancouver sorting out getting documents
to come home. My request: He lost his whole rack of cams. Could you post
something on the relevant Squamish forum, perhaps warning of recent car
theft from climber lot, and "keep a lookout for stolen cams for sale"? I
would appreciate it. Big Thanks!
I got this message from Tami Knight today. Apparently thieves are targeting cars on Highway 99 now on days when they know it will be busy..

Has anyone else heard any stories like this one? Or is this an isolated incident?

Keep your eye out for stolen gear. I sent a message to Peter and Braden to get them to describe exactly what they lost. If anyone hears anything please shoot me a pm here.


Mike Cowper

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Re: Truck and Gear stolen from Star Chek parking lot

Post by Jason4 » Mon Aug 31, 2015 2:32 pm

Unfortunately it isn't an isolated incident.

The summer before last a friend of mine had his truck stolen (I think he was climbing Angel's crest at the time) with 2 mountain bikes, a decent amount of climbing gear, his passport, and his dog inside. The truck turned up several days later, in some trees near town. The dog turned up several hours away (in Kelowna I think, interior BC either way). The bikes and gear never turned up that I know of. And the thief managed to hit a parked car and a motorcyclist on the way out of the lot.

Another friend had a car broken into in an underground, "secure" parking garage in Whistler a few years earlier. Fortunately his car had been disabled and so the thief didn't get away with the car but did get his passport. Bicycle theft is huge all along the Sea to Sky corridor and it sounds like climbing gear is on the rise too. Lock it up and keep everything out of sight in your vehicles.

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