Handy man/woman wanted

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Handy man/woman wanted

Post by AaronRN » Wed Apr 17, 2013 7:32 pm

Hello all, Inglewood Care Centre is looking for a handy man/woman. The commute from Squamish is traffic free 30 to 45min door to door.

Employer: Inglewood Care Centre
Address: 725 Inglewood Avenue, West Vancouver BC
Contact Person: Susan Gooding
Email Address: sgooding@inglewoodcarecentre.com
Phone Number: (604) 913-4703

Job Duties:
Assist Maintenance Manager with groundskeeping and other small maintainance jobs, e.g., painting, handyman-type jobs.

Physical fitness, ability to work inside or outside, ability to operate various tools and equipment, e.g., lawn-mower, trimmer, drill, painting supplies, hammer, wrench, ladder.

Wage: $16.00 per hour

Weekly hours of work: 37.5 hours per week

Please apply to this job by: Call Susan at 604-913-4703

This is a Get Youth Working! Opportunity. To be eligible for the Program, participants must meet the following
eligibility requirements:
* be unemployed
* have not had an Employment Insurance Claim which ended in the past 3 years or a Maternity / Parental EI Claim which started in the last 5 years (to be determined by Bowman Employment Services Inc.)
* currently not on an Employment Insurance Claim
* be between the ages of 15 and 29 and reside in BC
* not be a full-time student

Bowman Employment Services is not a placement agency; no responsibility is taken or implied as to accuracy, authenticity or reliability of this posting or
the suitability and success of consequent applicants.


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