Rave reviews for video of Will Stanhope soloing Zombie Roof

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Rave reviews for video of Will Stanhope soloing Zombie Roof

Post by squamish climber » Tue Jul 17, 2012 10:07 am

Last Saturday at the Squamish Mountain Festival, Will Stanhope ended his presentation with this video of his solo up Zombie Roof shot and edited by David Pearson. A lot of people have commented online about the film's artistically shot scenes, strong storytelling and well crafted backstory to the climb, told by Perry Beckham. Will gives a thoughtful and reflective pov on soloing and his motivations for shooting this climb. There is the inevitable comment from the person criticizing soloing as a selfish and self-aggrandizing pursuit. It is for some, but Will does a nice job of countering those criticisms. This quote stuck out for me:
If you want to climb for a long-time you want it to be a sustainable pursuit, getting all jacked up on Red Bull and coming up with with some wacky idea and going for it is not really sustainable, it’s not a stunt.
David did an excellent job of filming and editing here. The story moves quickly and each shot adds to the moody, intense tone in the film like the opening shot of the rain puddle and the grey misty clouds hanging over the bright green forests. The music choice Moby - Walk with me is a good one. The song fits well with the pace of the climb and adds a haunting layer to the film.

This is the second year in a row a short-film that premiered at the festival has gone viral. Does everyone remember Jason Kruk in Boogie ‘til you Poop by Cedar Wright? The SMF is getting a good reputation for premiering excellent shorts.

Well done David, Will et al.

Let’s hear what you think.
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Re: Rave reviews for video of Will Stanhope soloing Zombie R

Post by mocco » Tue Jul 17, 2012 9:59 pm

Wow. Beautiful and amazing.

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Re: Rave reviews for video of Will Stanhope soloing Zombie R

Post by Dan » Wed Jul 18, 2012 7:45 pm

Personally I think soloing is selfish and dumb. But everything we do in life is a measured risk, when I get in my car and drive 2 thousand kms to some climbing destination im putty myself at risk just being behind the wheel. So its not my place to tell anyone what they should and shouldnt do with their life or what level of risk is too much. I do think about the progression of the sport and the fact that people like Honnold kinda have to keep doing more and going farther if they want to keep that sponsorship money coming in or keep their name in the magazines. All I know is id hate to be the guy shooting the video when a hold breaks or a foot pops and have to wonder the rest of my life if me and my camera and the pressure of more, bigger, badder, contributed to someones death.

But I dont solo and I dont shoot and I dont publish a magazine, so none of those things are questions I have to come up with answers to and since I dont do any of the above its prolly not even for me to ask the questions. I just do my thing in my own little part of the world, and leave people alone to do theirs.

blah blah blah. Anyway, that was a really good video and any rave reviews are well deserved.

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