Squamish & Surroundings questions !

Everything and anything to do with climbing in Squamish.
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Squamish & Surroundings questions !

Post by fredaudet » Mon Jun 07, 2010 3:36 pm


Me and my partner are going climbing in Squamish July 16th for 2-3 weeks. Since, I've never been there, I had some questions about the surroundings... We will be renting a car and will camp for our stay. I have a couple of questions..

- Is there any outdoor gear shops around of any place where we could buy fuel for camping stoves (since we can't get those in planes)?
- Any places close for groceries too?
- Do you know any good trails to hike for rest days around?

In terms of camping, we are looking for a place with facilities (water, showers, etc.). We don't mind being in a none-climbers campground. Somewhere quiet and not too far from the crags. We have a car... Any good place you recommend?

Looking at the guides books for nice routes, lots in there! My partner isn't really comfortable trading so we'll be sport climbing. If you know any really nice spots from 5.10's to 5.12+'s, feel free to inform me!

Thanks for your time everybody!


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Post by fgk » Mon Jun 07, 2010 4:43 pm

For equipment, your best bet is the mountain equipment co-op (MEC) in Vancouver, plus the numerous smaller outdoors-oriented shops within a couple blocks of that, some smaller places in Squamish itself (it's a small town, not hard to find them).

There are a couple groceries stores failry close to lots of the climbing just off the main highway through town.

You can hike up the side/back of the chief. It's got some great views but its not terribly long. Up the road is Garibaldi Park which has a plethora of great hikes at a variety of lengths and commitments, as well as the Sky Pilot/Mt. Habrich area and the Lions, both back towards Vancouver. Many many options, most of them spectacular.

I dont really know anything about camping with facilities...perhaps someone else here has some info? Lots of options if you don't mind roughing it a bit.

The best place for sport would be Chek (Cheakamus Canyon) plus several smaller crags within a five minute drive (most in the guidebooks, pretty easy to find) although Murrin park has a lot to offer, as do newer areas Fern Gully and Cat Lake (not in guides, but you can get the topo from quickdraw publications "free downloads" page). But you can find a lot of "sport" routes in just about any crag in the area. But I would say some of my greatest climbing moments in Squamish have come on some of the moderate trad climbs - they are a big part of what makes squamish such a special place.

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I'm New Here
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Post by fredaudet » Mon Jun 07, 2010 7:26 pm

Well that's very helpful !!!

Thanks for the reply & info... I know what you mean, I used to trad all the time with my old partner, but my girlfriend (new partner) isn't just ready yet. We'll be back :)

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Post by islander » Tue Jun 08, 2010 6:58 pm

If you don't need a shower, camp at the chief campground. Has water taps, outhouses and a cook area. Could go to the Brennen Rec Center for showers.
For more camping you could check out the Squamish Municipal Campground right near Brennen Rec. center. I don't know the fee, probably a bit more than the Chief Campground, but you have the Rec center next door with showers (as well as pool, hot tub, steam room, etc).

For food there is Nesters and Save-On, both just off Cleveland Ave. Further north is a Wal-Mart, and a little further is an Extra-foods.

Valhalla Pure, next to Nesters, would have camp fuel. Not too sure about Climb-On (both in Squamish) MEC in Vancouver definitely has camp fuel.

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Post by serac » Wed Jun 09, 2010 2:32 pm

For camping I would consider Alice Lake Provincial Park it has all the facilities.It is on the north side of Squish which will be closer to most of sport climbing. The 4 lakes trail is a nice trail run. It is on a lake how nice is a swim on a hot day after climbing. Mid summer reservations would be an excellent idea.

Liquid fuel is available at any hardware store, Primus and coleman gas is available at Climb On. If you are worried about weight limits Climb On also rents a campground pkg of tent, two foam pads, and single burner propane stove.

There are towns of great scrambles open in mid summer Tricouni, Brandiwine, SkyPilot, Columnar, lots ands lots more.
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