Banff Mountain Film Fest

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Banff Mountain Film Fest

Post by Soontobe » Wed Jan 17, 2007 1:58 pm

Any of you guys catch this awesome event? I went last night and loved it. Although I was dissapointed in the climbing coverage. The only climbing film we had was First Ascent: Thailand. It was good but I wanted the sonnie trotter cobra crack film. Ah well. I will see it eventually.

Anyway, who went and what films did you guys see?

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Post by tattooed_climber » Thu Jan 18, 2007 7:30 pm

i find this to every time i get a film fest....pow-pow.....pow-pow....hippie stuff...and some DWS sh*t........hey, i don't mind dws on a hot day as the next dude....but i'm a crack climber and solo-aid climber......

i still go cus there is alot of cool sh*t.. (being caribou for example)...i guess there's not alot of films made about dudes doing 5 hour approaches to climb a dirty, dark (and rarely climbed) offwidth crack (which as HORRABLE to film dude to lack of lighting and the fact the climber is basically half in a hole)

meh...some day i'll make my film about solo-aid (in surviver-man stylings)
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